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1232 East Blvd. 704/375-1888, www.cottagechicstore.com

HOURS: Mon.-Wed. and Fri.-Sat. 9:30 A.M.-5:30 P.M. Thurs. 9:30 A.M.-7 P.M.

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Goldilocks would have felt at home in Cottage Chic, where bright Bella Notte linens draped across antiqued beds are always just right. The boutique is housed inside a vintage bungalow in Dilworth and, as the name implies, all of the furniture and accessories are cottage chic and include plush white sofas, shabby-chic armoires, wicker chairs, floral curtains, and pastel-colored artwork. Theb store smells as good as it looks, thanks to a selection of scented candles from Elizabeth W. and Archipelago. A team of in-house interior designers is available to help create a cottage look that’s just right for your home. The service is gratis for customers.

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