Hoff’s Bakery US Map & Phone & Address

Hoff’s Bakery US Map & Phone & Address

134A Mystic Ave. Medford; (617) 396-8384

Hoff’s supplies many of Boston’s finest restaurants with pastries, calzones, and specialty items. By going to their bakery, you can buy these directly at considerable savings. Ten-inch cheesecakes, whole or sliced (and reassembled), carrot cakes, Italian rum cakes, mocha tortes, apple crisps, key lime pies, and, of course, Boston cream pies are all made here. Because of Hoff’s relationships with area restaurants, they requested that no prices be printed in this book but they are good. Hoff’s also makes large sheet cakes to order, suitable for parties and banquets. Open weekdays from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Saturdays 8-12 noon.

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Plenty of sea urchins and small crabs can be found. Just round the corner from Emmanuel Head is a nice, fairly sheltered reef called Keel Head. The north side is a sandy bay but the reef, which is about 150 metres long, has plenty of holes and crevices in it and a few creepy-crawlies can be found. An added bonus is that when the main reef runs out, there are some smaller but interesting reefs spreading out in different directions. Depths are only in the region of 4-6 metres and the visibility is often very good, but the current gets stronger the further seaward you travel. Castlehead Rocks is an extension of the protruding headland called False Emmanuel Head, where the elements have worn the cliffs away over many centuries, leaving this long reef. At low spring tide, Castlehead Rocks above the surface are about 500 metres long, but the kelp on the reef’s boulders can be seen just below the surface for around a further 250 metres seawards. There is so much shallow ground well offshore that it is very easy to run aground at low tide, even with a small RHIB, so extra care should be taken when navigating around this position. There is a good selection of marine life about with some good edible brown crabs, wolf fish and cod. Because of the shallow depths and fairly strong currents, any groundswell badly affects this dive site and the current gets worse the further out you swim.

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