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Among the first acts of the General Assembly is a provision Washington Subway Map delineating the status of indentured servants. Not surprisingly, colonial laws perceive indentured servitude as a harsher Washington Subway Map form of apprenticeship and usually favor the master, although servants do have access to courts.

Most indentures last from four to seven years, and indentured servants can be bought, sold, and willed like other forms of property. 1622 In what Anglo-Virginians will call the Great Massacre, Opechancanough leads a furious assault on settlements that he feels have extended too far up the James River.

To prove a point, some of the Powhatan use the farmers’ own tools to kill them. Some scholars view this as an attempt to rid Virginia of the English altogether, but the intention was probably to keep English settlements within reasonable boundaries. The attack has devastating consequences for the English colonists, 347 of whom about one-third of the population die in the attack. The colonists launch a series of counterattacks to open up new lands to English settlement, severely weakening their native neighbors, including groups who had nothing to do with the attack.

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