Kenmore Cafe US Map & Phone & Address

539 Commonwealth Ave. Boston; (617) 536-4444


A welcome addition to Kenmore Square replacing a fast-food chicken place is Kenmore Cafe. Its menu is infinitely more varied, interesting, and best of all, homemade.

Starting with breakfast at 6 every morning, the cafe offers three Kenmore on the Run quick specials for $2.75, such as scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese rolled up in pita bread. Steak and eggs are just $4.95, with home fries and toast.

Elsewhere the menu favors Middle Eastern fare, with falafel sand- wiches for $3.50, or The Nile ($5.50) a plate of char-broiled spicy lamb and beef, served with rice, hummus, fatoosh, and a house sauce. But there are plenty of American items too; Mine enjoyed the daily special, marinated grilled chicken ($4.95) with salad and a heap of very tasty rice pilaf.

Then there are deli sandwiches, burgers, and sixteen-inch pizzas with your choice of up to five toppings, for $8.50. The food is delicious; and good news for the Square it’s served until 1 a.m. every night.

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