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1775 In January, the City of Philadelphia’s Committee Memphis Metro Map agrees to support the Provincial Congress. Governor William Franklin of New Jersey, Benjamin Franklin’s Memphis Metro Map son and a staunch loyalist, pleads with the General Assembly of New Jersey to remain associated with the king. The Provincial Congress of South Carolina takes control of the colonial treasury. And the Assembly of New York chooses not to consider measures taken by the Continental Congress.

In early February, delegates from New Jersey state that they will support the king if liberties previously held by colonists are returned. The Second Massachusetts Provincial Congress holds its first meeting in Cambridge; it condemns anyone assisting the British army in and around Boston. On February 9, the king and Parliament of Britain declare that Massachusetts is in a state of rebellion. Later in February, imports from Pennsylvania are banned in Britain. Patrick Henry addresses the Virginia Convention on March 23, promoting resistance against Britain. His speech includes his famous statement, Give me liberty, or give me death.

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