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0.0 Walk past the large metal gate and along the dirt road.

0.3 The road enters the forest.

0.4 Enter a grove of red pines and bear left passing a trail to the right.

0.8 The trail emerges from the forest, skirts the edge of a clearing, and reenters the forest in 400 feet.

1.1 Continue past a snowmobile trail, marked with an orange diamond, coming in on the left.

1.2 Trail intersection; bear left passing the snowmobile trail on the right.

1.3 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike; bear left on the trail marked with blue diamonds.

1.7 Trail intersection. For the 6.0 mile hike bear left at this point and then left again in 150 feet at the next intersection. Turn right for the 4.0 mile hike.

So I floundered toward the bank, gasping with fright, Best family vacation China swimming a rapid in the process but without injury, and got washed up on the shore Best family vacation China . My canoe was still in the river, ahead of me, and forgetting my numbness I charged after it. It jammed across a rapid then went through. I ran for all I was worth. Fortunately it stuck again against some rocks and I was able to grab its rope and pull it on to the shore. The paddle arrived in its wake.

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