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1153 Commonwealth Ave Brighton; (617) 783-BIRD (2473)

1732 Centre St, West Roxbury; (617) 469-WING (9464)

The name says it all. Chicken wings have risen to a new height (sorry!) in this tiny barbecue palace. The emphasis here is on take-out, although there are a few tables and stools. Since they look well-worn by the student crowd that frequents the place, you may prefer to eat at home.

The food, meanwhile, is good stuff. The wings can be cooked six different ways. Buffalo and barbecue come in several grades of spiciness, from mild to suicide. Honey hot and teriyaki explain themselves; then you have teridac-til, a unique blend of soy sauce and barbecue, and finally the most unusual of all garlic and Parmesan. These last two are both interesting and worth a try.

A small order, for one person, is $4.15; for two, $8.25; for three, $12.10. Extra large, for up to six nib-blers, is $17.35, and you can also order party platters of tremendous sizes.

But man does not live by wings alone, and neither does this establishment: the flip side here is baby back spare ribs. A good and fun sampler here is the Real Meal Deal, which gives you a half rack of ribs and five wings; you can mix and match the styles for each. It includes one side dish, all for $12.55. The mega size doubles the whole deal for $20.95.

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