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1153 Commonwealth Ave Brighton; (617) 783-BIRD (2473)

1732 Centre St, West Roxbury; (617) 469-WING (9464)

The name says it all. Chicken wings have risen to a new height (sorry! ) in this tiny barbecue palace. The emphasis here is on take-out, although there are a few tables and stools. Since they look well-worn by the student crowd that frequents the place, you may prefer to eat at home.

The food, meanwhile, is good stuff.

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The wings can be cooked six different ways. Buffalo and barbecue come in several grades of spiciness, from mild to suicide. ? Honey hot and teriyaki explain themselves; then you have teridac-til,  a unique blend of soy sauce and barbecue, and finally the most unusual of all garlic and Parmesan. These last two are both interesting and worth a try.

A small order, for one person, is $4. 15; for two, $8. 25; for three, $12. 10. Extra large, for up to six nib-blers, is $17. 35, and you can also order party platters of tremendous sizes.

But man does not live by wings alone, and neither does this establishment: the flip side here is baby back spare ribs. A good and fun sampler here is the Real Meal Deal,  which gives you a half rack of ribs and five wings; you can mix and match the styles for each. It includes one side dish, all for $12. 55. The mega size doubles the whole deal for $20.95.

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