The Black Hoof Map & Address & Phone Toronto

928 Dundas St W, Toronto, 416-551-8854 www.theblackhoof. Com CUISINE: Gastropub DRINKS: Full Bar.

SERVING: Dinner; closed Tues & Wed PRICE RANGE: $$$


This busy brasserie offers a meat-themed menu featuring sausage, duck & foie gras.

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The interesting dishes are not for the faint of heart. Favorites include: Pork tacos and Tongue on Brioche. Bar features a menu of creative cocktails.

There are very few crevices or overhangs and marine life is generally thin on the ground; at the southern end of Megstone there are a few overhangs which do sometimes bear fruit, though, and one deep slot at the top where a large conger lives. If you are interested in seals, there are dozens of them around this particular spot and they come up very close, especially the young pups. Best dived at low slack water or on the bottom half of the flood tide; it is best avoided altogether during spring tides. About 100 metres SSE of Megstone, there are a number of nice low reefs with only a moderate covering of long kelp strands and quite a good variety of marine life. The bottom is a mixture of boulders, sand and overhanging little craggy reefs, some with soft corals attached to them. A few crabs and maybe a lobster or two, lots of ‘little men' (squat lobsters) and urchins can be seen in the crevices and a few big whelks can be found on the sandy part of the seabed. The current is fairly reasonable on the flood, except on the springs, but it is best avoided altogether on the ebb tide. I remember one dive on this site very well, because it was just after I had purchased a new and expensive ‘wings-style' buoyancy jacket, complete with integrated weights, something rather new to me as I usually only wear one of these on diving holidays. I first tried the B.C.

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