Christmas Tree Shops US Map & Phone & Address

Christmas Tree Shops US Map & Phone & Address

• 15 Stockwell Dr. Avon; (508) 586-6438

• 28 Broadway, Lynn; (617) 598-0004

• Christmas Tree Plaza, Pembroke; (617) 826-8884

• Old Shrewsbury Village (Rte. 9), Shrewsbury; (508) 842-5945

• And other suburban locations At one time, these stores may have had some relationship to the holiday for which they are named. Today, they have little to do with Christmas and everything to do with bargains. The merchandise consists primarily of housewares: lamps, frames, glassware, dishes, cookware, and gadgets. You can find everything from mini-citronella candles for $2.99 to a metal patio set, including two chairs with cushions, for $169.99. Mine found a “Miracle Thaw” defrosting tray sold on TV for $19.95 for just $6.99. A sixteen-quart Thermos cooler was a recent steal at $12.99.

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Christmas Tree Shops are great for bulk purchases, too. Candles, in a range of colors and sizes, are plentiful enough for decorating the largest of weddings. Glasses can be purchased by the dozen. Good deals on baskets and picture frames, too. Like many of the places in this chapter, the inventory at these stores changes daily. Cruise through regularly and you’ll be sure to find plenty of great deals. Open daily.

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