Warehouse Flowers US Map & Phone & Address

Warehouse Flowers US Map & Phone & Address

370 Chestnut Hill Ave. Brighton; (617) 277-0054

1 Center Sl, Burlington; (617) 272-2244

68 Chestnut SL, Needham; (617) 449-4882

The claim to fame for these shops: One dozen roses for $9.52. Period. Been that way for years. Warehouse features a nice, chilly walk-in where you’ll find carnations or irises for $3.99 a dozen, tulips for $5.99 a bunch, orchid corsages for $3.99, and other assortments or make up your own.

Lily plants and azaleas are $5.99, a variety of flowering plants range from $2.50 to $7, and large floor plants are mostly $14.99. The reason for the low prices is right there in the name: This is a no-frills, high-volume establishmenL They make no deliveries, to keep costs below retail florists.

They also extend the warehouse approach to an eclectic mix of cards, posters, artistic gift bags, baskets, and teddy bears. All stores are open Mondays through Saturdays; the Cleveland Circle branch (no pun intended) adds Sundays from 10-5.

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