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Most Unusual Architecture: Korner’s Folly was designed as a showroom for a local architect and has ceilings of differing heights, trap doors, pivoting windows, and secret hiding places (P KORNER’S FOLLY). 13 Best Place to Step Back in Time: The Moravian settlement of Old Salem was first occupied in 1766. Several of the original buildings have been preserved and act as a living-history museum (P OLD SALEM).

Tastiest Sweets in North Carolina: At Winkler Bakery, sugar cakes and sweet breads are still made using the same techniques the Moravians used in the 1800s (P WINKLER BAKERY).

Most Picturesque Place for a Sunday Drive: There is a reason that the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway is called America’s favorite drive: The scenery between the Shenandoah Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains is among the most beautiful in the nation (H. BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY). C9 Best Place to Find Fine Art: Celebrated North Carolina artist Bob Timberlake has assembled a collection of prints, lithographs, and original works depicting life in North Carolina at the Bob Timberlake Gallery (P BOB TIMBERLAKE GALLERY).

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The initial shock was followed by more than 50 others that Scottsdale Subway Map measured 4.5 or higher. WHAT CAUSED THE EARTHQUAKE? Many Haitians have ideas of what Scottsdale Subway Map caused the earthquake that might seem rather strange to readers. Some Christians are convinced that it was a sign or a warning of God’s anger over various human sins. Some Voodoo leaders similarly believe that it was caused by some message-bearing mystical force. The answer, however, lies in the region’s geology.

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