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The tender New York cut. also called shell or strip steak, comes (appropriately) from the tenderloin. London broil did not cross the Atlantic with the pilgrims: it’s a native American piece of flank or round cut against the grain. As for Swiss steak, no yodelling please. It’s not even steak but braised beef with onion and tomato sauce. When you order minute steak, consult your watch not your ruler. And finally, don’t expect anything chummy from club steaks: they come from the rib not select institutions.

flat rate for a steak, a baked potato with sour cream or French fries (chips), a self-service salad bar, and in some cases as much wine, beer or sangria as you can drink. Order your steak rare (underdone), medium or well done.

Spare ribs are pork ribs, marinated in a spicy sauce, baked or broiled and eaten with your fingers. Ham steak with a slice of pineapple is a speciality from the South. Long Island ducklings are famous for their flavour. Last but not least, stuffed turkey, the holiday favourite, appears on menus year round.

Fish and seafood. It’s too often forgotten that New York is an ocean port abounding with fresh seafood. If you like shellfish, then make the most of your stay here. The Long Island Blue Point oysters, subject to strict inspection, are a real delicacy. Oysters and clams on the half-shell come with chili and horseradish sauce and small crackers (biscuits). Oysters Rockefeller, covered with spinach, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and then browned under a grill ar an unexpected but successful combination.

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