Warmer Water

If you go trout fishing in a brook or stream in the early season, try to get out as early as possible. Snowmelt, which occurs when the sun gets high in mid-morning, drastically lowers the water temperature, making already lethargic trout even more sluggish. Hit the streams before the sun gets high. The water will be warmer and the trout more active.

Warmer Water Photo Gallery

Bell’s habit was either to grin inanely or leave his mouth open, hanging on its hinges as if he had forgotten how to close it. The third person in the room introduced himself as Billy. Billy was well-bred, well-spoken and serious. He shook my hand solemnly and asked about my journey with careful concern. Half of the occupants of number six had been there the previous term and they all had top bunks. The newcomers – me, Starling and Bell – slept below. I made up my bunk Board-of-Trade style – nothing tucked in, sheet and counterpane folded under – and then unpacked my possessions into my locker. Tom showed me to the store room where I stowed my suitcase. He told me that there would be a muster in the lounge at six o’clock, where a welcome speech would be given by the warden, Chiefy Rozer. He smiled.

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