Curacao is the largest of the Netherlands Antilles, a desert-like island with limited swimming beaches. Its capital, Willemstad, is very Dutch. Royal Dutch Shell has been in business there since 1915.

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She also had some cellular double bottom fore of 186 tons and a 79-ton fore-peak tank. Lloyd’s classed her 100 A1. The designated code recognition signal letters were: HRSJ. From September 1914 to February 1919 the Admiralty requisitioned her as an ammunition carrier. From 1920, George Gibson and Co. Ltd, Glasgow (Leith) was the registered owner and fitted her with electric lighting. The designated code recognition signal letters were: MDKN. Under the command of Captain James Scott, the Bowling sailed from Leith on 19 November 1939 and was posted as missing while carrying a general cargo on a voyage from Bo’ness to Antwerp. However, at 2328 hrs (CT) that same day, the Bowling was torpedoed and sunk by the Kriegsmarine submarine U13, commanded by Kapitanleutnant Heinz Scheringer, at Kriegsmarine quadrant AN 5183, about six miles NE of Longstone in the Outer Farne Islands.

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