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The gigantic city of Moscow is the capital of the USSR, the center of the European part of the USSR and its political, cultural, economic and industrial center. 8.7 million inhabitants live in a beautiful, spacious city, in which historical and modern buildings fit harmoniously. Actually Moscow is a concentration of separate areas, in which each one has its own schools, shops, cinemas, cafes, churches, parks and looks after its own medical health. As an important communications center Moscow has, next to its international airport Scheremetjewo, a further three other domestic airports. The Moscow canal links the city with the Volga.

The quickest connections in the city like in practically every city are by subway. 96 railway stations with entrances reminiscent of a Baroque ballroom foyer, connect the 160 kilometers of subway lines. Moscow is the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church and has a huge intellectual reservoir. 76 colleges of further education, the Academy for Science of the USSR, the Lomonossow and Patrice-Lumumba Universities serve the academic and research needs of the Soviet people. To further enhance knowledge and culture, there are 3000 libraries, 61 museums and 25 theaters. Industries are productive and numerous: cars, engines, trucks, tools, foodstuffs, publishing, watches, electrotechnical, building materials and chemical industries are all here.

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