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1205 Chestnut St. Newton; (617) 964-9179 Not many people seem to know of this fun, divey restaurant/bar, outside of the office crowd that frequents the place for lunch. You’d scarcely expect to find such a joint in an affluent burb like Newton, but the Biltmore has actually been here since 1920.

The place is a hip landmark.

Elvis memorabilia lines the walls, windows, and every available nook; the jukebox is similarly retro. The pressed-tin ceiling is authentic. Two rooms are set up with basic wooden booths and tables, but the overall feeling is friendly and relaxed. The waitresses are all like Mom, ready to bring you a platter of fried scallops ($7.95, with crispy French fries and a salad) or a tuna salad plate ($3.50).

The burgers, thin and greasy, won’t get any prizes from health-food fanatics, but this just ain’t that kinda place. They sure are delicious, starting at a mere $2.25 for your basic. Add a plate of Memphis Fries, slightly zingy, for another $1.75, or a cup of homemade chili for $2.75. It’s downright hard to blow the budget here, even with a brewski or two.

The Biltmore is just open on weekdays, closing up shop at 10 p.m.; food is served from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. only.

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