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By day the sleeping area was cleared and the quilts folded Shijiazhuang Map in tall piles. Sheepskins were scattered on the floor. In the kitchen area were some Shijiazhuang Map sacks of tsamba flour, a pile of dry dung, a collection of pots and kettles, and half a sheep which was hanging up to dry. For breakfast we ate tsamba (toasted barley flour), which we stirred into our tea using our fingers, and adding a dollop of yak butter. The children were nimble-fingered and adept at blending together the tsamba and butter, squeezing it into round wadges. Mine tasted good but had rather a lot of animal hairs in it.

Tollway Driving

A significant amount of research has examined the role and powerful effects of the car-system in relation to contemporary urban life (Sheller and Urry 2000, 2006; Merriman 2007). Recently, this research has been supplemented with consideration given to the conditions, experiences and pleasures of driving within cities. Iain Borden suggests:

Through driving – a continual and restless mobile interaction with cities, architecture and landscape – the human subject emerges as someone who has experienced one of the most distinctive and ubiquitous conditions of the modern world, and who has become, as a result, a different kind of person.

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