Get Packing! How to Plan Your Vacation In Australia for Next Summer

If you have decided to finally take that trip you have always wanted to Australia next summer, you need to start planning right away in order to find your cheap flights and best travel deals. The largest expense associated with a trip to Australia is typically the airfare, but there are a number of ways you can look for great deals that will help you save money on your vacation. The most important thing is that you start right away to maximize your opportunity to find the best bargains. We’ve got some tips to help you get started.

Finding the Best Fare

There is no trick to finding the best airfare if you are willing to take the time and make the effort to plan ahead and research your flights before booking. Australia has two peak travel seasons with the most notable one being from November to February. Understandably this time of the year is very popular for North American and European travelers eager to escape winter weather to the warmth of Australia. You can anticipate that airfare during this period of time will be higher priced. Looking for a good deal and cheap flights to Australia? Try booking your vacation from May to July instead. You’ll enjoy good weather and great rates but always remember to book at least twelve to sixteen weeks in advance for the best possible price on your ticket.

Discounts on Attractions

Since getting to the continent of Australia is only part of the expense of your vacation, think ahead about the types of attractions you will want to see when you are there. Did you know that there are two very popular discount opportunities with tourist cards? The first is the iVenture Card which allows you to save up to 50% off popular attractions at over 70 different locations in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other popular locales. The iVenture Card is good for admittance for up to three months and if you are staying longer (on work term or study) consider purchasing the Merlin Annual Pass providing unlimited attractions for up to one year.

Let Hotels Bid for Your Business

Popular websites such as Priceline allow travelers to submit a bid for what they want to pay for a night or several nights of accommodation in a certain city. Using geomapping technology, the website sends your offer out to a number of hotels who can accept or reject your bid. Many travelers find this is an affordable way to get a great room at a fraction of the cost of pre-booking. These reservations can be made at the last minute or during transit to help you save on the cost of accommodation.

Get creative when it comes to saving money on your vacation. Not only will you feel good about getting great value for your hard earned travel dollars, but you will save money to have your next vacation sooner.

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