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His skill as a master of words is important because, China map with cities writing in Arabic, one simple root word can be built up to give it many shades China map with cities of meaning. This scribe didn’t know how to write in Chinese – probably there was no demand for it.

A British Consulate, and a Russian one, had existed in Kashgar until about 1947. I cycled past the British one, last occupied by the famous climber and explorer, Eric Shipton. It’s now a distinctly shabby boarding house for truck-drivers and merchants. In the main square some men sat under shady trees strumming traditional guitars.

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The crew disembarked noisily and then argued with the driver until all their bags were sorted out. The second officer got off to ensure the crew only took their own gear. Wait til tomorrow when we get picked up said Sparks. The driver will pick up the crew first then come to get us. They’ll all start bitching when they see our hotel is better than theirs. That’ll get the trip off to a good start. We arrived at our hotel ten minutes later. It was grim-looking, even if it was supposed to be better than the crews’. The officer’s hotel was right on the pavement in a busy street of bars, clubs and restaurants, positioned between a noisy garish bar and a night-club. The bar had huge windows and you could see all the patrons clustered around tables or hunched at the bar, clutching their drinks in the thick smog.

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