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Yeoman farmers consolidated their position as free landowners during the Revolutionary period. Delhi Metro Map The concept of independent landholding was dear to yeomen who, when threatened with the loss of land tenure, were known to petition legislatures and to riot. To them, landholding signified security, independence from economic subservience, and freedom from dependence on other men for land or wages.

The Whig gentlemen who led the Country Revolution understood that to mobilize yeoman farmers, who constituted a significant portion of the population needed to fight the war for independence from Great Britain, they would have to appeal to their fears of losing their land. Revolutionary leaders spoke to the yeomanry of the English ministers as cunning men, who, in Samuel Adams’s words, were threatening to take away your Barn and my house and, according to John Adams, intended to tax land and property and reduce the country to lordships by remaking yeomen into tenant farmers and wage laborers.

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