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At the crossroads of paths, turn right onto what seems Glendale Metro Map an obvious and promising track, but almost immediately leave it by turning left onto a narrow path Glendale Metro Map that goes very steeply uphill, aiming just to the right of an area of woodland. This is the steepest climb you’ll have this afternoon, but all the better to work off your roast beef and Yorkshire pud.

The path, after looking a little unpromising at first, now becomes rather more obvious, going forward to a stile, but beyond the stile, although a fingerpost points the way straight ahead, the path through the field is not at all clear. Aim for a pair of trees more or less straight ahead of you, and as you reach them you will see another fingerpost just to the right, again pointing reassuringly ahead. Follow the fingerpost to a clump of trees with a stile towards the left of them. Cross the stile and now, continuing in the same direction, aim for a footpath sign at the edge of the thick woodland that is directly ahead of you.

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