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On July 6, the Continental Congress approves the distribution of Yemen Map Tourist Attractions Colonel John Dickinson’s Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms; the document Yemen Map Tourist Attractions attempts to justify the colonists’ right to defend themselves. (Thomas Jefferson originally had composed a similar document, but his version was deemed too militant.) The Continental Congress’s Olive Branch Petition, a last offer to find a solution to the differences between the colonies and the Crown, is sent to the king on July 15.

This petition requests that he end his military activities in the colonies. A few days later, the Continental Congress selects delegates to reach agreements with Native Countrys. On August 18, the Provincial Congress of New York suggests that areas around New York City should be fortified. King George III of Britain proclaims the Country colonies are rebelling, and he declares the revolt will be put down by force. The Pennsylvania Gazette publishes a story that tells how Parliament plans to try rebels from the colonies in England for their offenses.

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