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2.1 Cross a small bridge. The trail is wet in places beyond the bridge and eventually comes to a second bridge and a beaver pond on the right. Here you can get a good look at a miles beaver dam and lodge. The trail begins to ascend shortly after the second bridge. It is along this section of the trail that you will find Yellow Lady’s Slippers blooming in early to mid-June.

2.9 Trail intersection; bear right.

3.0 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead passing the trail on the right.

3.1 Trail intersection; continue straight passing the trail coming in from the left. From this point on there are a number of trails leading off the main trail. Stay along the edge of the river until you reach the swinging bridge.

3.3 The swinging bridge and trailhead.

Columbus will make two more voyages to the New World, Brazil Metro Map still believing he is near Asia. Doubts will creep in, however, as he sails around Brazil Metro Map the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico without finding a break in what he thinks is a chain of barrier islands off the Asian coast. Columbus will die in 1506, embittered at having failed in his ultimate objective.

The pope grants Spain the right to conquer all non-Christian peoples and lands more than 100 leagues west of the Azores. This dispensation reinforces Spain’s role as the leading Catholic nation in Europe, and it is also a large part of Spain’s rationale for its overseas colonial conquests. 1494 To reconcile their separate papal dispensations, Spain and Portugal conclude the Treaty of Tordesillas. This moves the line of demarcation to 350 leagues west of the Azores and grants Portugal the right of conquest in all non-Christian lands east of that line.

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