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She has a strong resemblance to her Mamma, who is Naples Subway Map an elegant, beautiful woman. Miss Fanny seems to have a remarkable sedateness, and simplicity in Naples Subway Map her countenance, which is always rather cheerful than melancholy; she has nothing with which we can find fault in her person, but has something in the features of her face which insensibly pleases us, and always when she is in sight draws our attention, and much the more because there seems to be for every agreeable feature a corresponding action which improves and adorns it.

Betsy, the next, is young, quiet, and obedient. Harriet is bold, fearless, noisy and lawless; always merry, almost never displeased; she seems to have a heart easily moved by the force of music; she has learned many tunes and can strike any note, or succession of notes perfectly with the flute or harpsichord, and is never wearied with the sound of music either vocal or instrumental. These are the persons who are at present under my direction, and whose general character I have very imperfectly attempted to describe. Source: Albert Bushnell Hart with Blanche E.

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