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More normal is the commentary composed as a written work and intended solely for reading. Of this type are Augustine’s De Genesi ad litteram, Jerome’s Commentaries on the Prophets and the Commentaries on the Minor Prophets of Theodore of Mopsuestia, Cyril of Alexandria and Theodoret. We cannot in principle rule out that a commentary of this type, e.g. that of Hilary on Matthew, may be derived from a collection of homilies and so well revised as to eliminate any obvious trace of its origin. The commentary of scholastic origin, i.e. one derived from teaching activity, deserves a separate treatment. It is the Alexandrian type of commentary, i.e. linked to the activity of the exegetes of the Didaskaleion. In fact Origen’s commentaries, though later revised, betray such an origin in their way of presenting the material, with continual digressions and departures from the main line of interpretation: esp. the Commentary on John. The finding of the Tura papyri has shed much light on this narrow area. Two of Didymus’s five commentaries, those on the Psalms and on Ecclesiastes, faithfully reproduce the teacher’s explanation in class, to the point of recording interruptions by students seeking clarification. Close examination of these texts, only recently discovered, will allow us to greatly deepen our knowledge of scholastic teaching of Scripture in the patristic age.

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In 2009 he added 37 leased acres from neighboring Burning Creek Ecuador Metro Map Ranch and began planting Pinot Noir from eight selected clones. Bruce McGuire, a pioneer in the Ecuador Metro Map development of Pinot Noir and Syrah in California, has been winemaker for Lafond Winery and Santa Barbara Winery since 1981. He produces wines in small lots for both labels. However, he crafts most Lafond Winery wines with exceptional lots of Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Chardonnay grapes exclusively from the Santa Rita Hills, often from particular vineyard blocks differentiated by soil quality and vigor. David Lafond, Pierre’s son, manages the winery and vineyards, employing sustainable practices such as riding a horse through the vineyards to test grapes and recycling grape pumice as landscape decoration. Pierre’s daughter, Michelle Lafond, serves as marketing director.

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