Bluefish, like mackerel, are oily and must be broiled. It is interesting to note that fish oil is rich in Omega-3 acids, which are beneficial to human health. Skin and fillet your bluefish. Some people like to remove the dark strip of meat found in the middle, but that is a matter of personal taste. Prepare as you would mackerel. Or, you could try this more elaborate recipe:

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Poor Starling sat for the rest of the meal in grim misery, pretending to eat, under threat and order from Rolo to stay there until the end. After the meal, I was in no state to join the others for cards in the bar for games, and weaved my way along the flying bridge to midships, chaperoned by the third mate and his wife, where I fell into my cabin and slipped into a comatose state. I left the tanker SS Valvata in Rotterdam just before New Year, late in the day. We had called at Antwerp then Rotterdam. The ship was due to sail back to Hamburg after Rotterdam and I had been told that I might pay-off there with Starling. It was going to be touch-and-go as to whether we would be back in time for the start of term at the School of Navigation in Plymouth. I was in the bar in the evening after we arrived in Rotterdam, an hour before my eight-to-midnight watch, playing cards with Sparks and two of the fivers, when the chief mate came in and said: You and Starling are leaving in an hour, Hall. Get up to the Old Man’s cabin and sign off’ I looked at him in disbelief. Come on! Snap to it! You’ve got to catch the night ferry to Harwich. I said: Who’s going to do my watch? He looked at me for a bit.

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