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Eventually we moved to the cellblock on the opposite end of the second floor. This is the area where the cells had been converted to an old-time village of sorts, with each cell offering a peek into nineteenth-century life. We continued the investigation.

Meanwhile Bev, Dawn and Jessica were conducting their own investigation in the residence portion of the museum. Much like Lorena and I, things had remained very quiet. EMF levels remained relatively flat and no unexplained sounds or suspect ghostly voices were heard.

(L) Dawn and (R) Jessica had time to smile while investigating the second floor dining room.

This is very typical during investigations. We know there are always stories from people talking about their crazy-active ghost hunts. They had feelings, were touched or pushed, heard disembodied voices, or saw shadowy apparitions dart from dark corners. We cannot discount that possibility. The reality, however, is these types of experiences are very, very rare. The vast majority of actual paranormal investigations are quiet and uneventful.

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