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Getting Around :

Buses : On an air-conditioned bus a short ride costs PhP 8.00, adding PhP 2.00 for every succeeding kilometer. The regular bus’ minimum fare is PhP 3.00, with an additional PhPl.OO for every succeeding kilometer. Just tell the conductor where you are going and he will tell you how much it costs. Keep your bus receipt, as it is your proof of payment.

Jeepnevs : jeepneys travel most of the secondary roads and even a few major thoroughfares. They’re as much fun to ride on as they are to look at and you have to try one. Call out “bayad” (bah-yhad) and pay the driver. When you are ready to get off, call out “para” (pah-rah); wait till he slows down and jump.

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The LRT : It’s the fastest, cheapest way to go. The PhP 10.00-worth token takes you from Monumento (the northern end of Edsa) to Baclaran, traveling first along Rizal Avenue and then Taft Avenue. Many of the tourist maps have the route of the LRT marked.

Taxis: Air-conditioned taxis cost PhP20.00 on the meter and an additional PhP 1.00 is added for every succeeding 200 meters, to the final cost. Taxis are always lined up at the major hotels and tourist restaurants and can be hailed on the street. Unless you are taking a long trip or the traffic is unusually horrible, most taxi rides should be well under PI00. At least a 10% tip is expected.

Crime and Scams :

If you take a taxi, make sure the driver turns on the meter. If he gives you a story that it is broken, get out and take another taxi. Always get the price up front. Jeepneys have been known to have theft in broad daylight; the passenger next to you pulls a gun. If you’re not comfortable with your passenger, get off and take a cab alone.

ATMS in daylight are very much subject to high street crime in the Philippines. Some restaurants try to sweet talk you into their specialty meal and get you to order without an upfront price, and then they hit you with a $60-75 bill.

In clubs, the dancers will sit on your lap with a full drink, then miraculously a few more drinks appear rapidly without you ever ordering them. If you refuse to pay for them, huge bouncers who demand you pay for the drinks when you try to leave surround you. So, if a girl sits on your lap with a drink, politely ask her to leave or just stand up and go to bar area. One more option is to just sit there, look at her cross-eyed and continually fart and belch until she runs. Pay cash for your drinks in the bar, no tabs.

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