Christian Science Center “Mapparium” US Map & Phone & Address

175 Huntington Ave. Boston; (617) 450-3790

The publication building of the Christian Science Monitor happens to house one of Boston’s unique treasures, something they call the Mapparium. It’s a giant-sized globe of the Earth which you see from the inside. Walking along a bridgeway

through this huge glass bubble, you can look above and below at the nations of the world, rendered in bright handpainted colors. Of course, it’s impossible to change something like this, so you’ll see the world as it was in 1935, when this was built. The way borders are changing these days, though, it’ll probably be correct again before long.

The Mapparium is also known for the wild acoustics of its round glass walls. Stand at one end and whisper to someone at the other; they’ll hear you perfectly. Admission is free; hours are from 9:30 to 4 P.M. Mondays through Fridays, and noon to 4 rm. on Saturdays. The Christian Science Mother Church, next door, makes for a fascinating architectural tour as well.

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