When to Go Travel to New York

Although the fascination of New York is seasonless, certain events take place at certain times of the year. The best time for theatre, for example, is from October to May, although there are always plays to see and summer presentations such as the free Shakespeare Festival and concerts in Central Park. You’ll find major league baseball games in summer and spring, football in autumn and other sporting events all year round.

Between October and March the days are usually clear. In summer you should expect periods of heat and humidity alleviated in part by air-conditioning in shops, hotels and restaurants. Autumn is best for visiting New York, but crisp winter days are not always uncomfortable if you have a heavy coat and boots.

Following is a chart showing average monthly temperatures in New York City: BLUEPRINT for a Perfect Trip An A-Z Summary of Practical Information and Facts The prices given below should only be considered approximate and taken as broad guidelines; inflation in the US. as elsewhere, creeps relentlessly up.

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