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What you wear, and what you take with you, Bogota Map will of course depend on the nature of the walk and the weather conditions. If, for Bogota Map instance, you are doing the Best Teashop Walk on a pleasant summer’s day, you could comfortably complete it in ordinary day clothes and comfortable shoes, and with no equipment other than this book and perhaps a newspaper to read while waiting for your tea.

However, if you are tackling the Best Hilltop Walk on a very cold winter’s day – and a crisp clear sunny day in winter makes this walk especially rewarding – you will need a pair of high-quality walking shoes or boots, warm clothing, a thermos of hot tea or coffee, and ideally some nourishing food as there are no en-route refreshment opportunities. Any walk that takes you outside a city or town will require comfortable and stout footwear, waterproofs if it is raining or likely to rain, and some refreshment both of the solid and liquid (non-alcoholic!) variety. If you are walking in hot weather, you will need to drink plenty of water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty before you do.

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