1422 Gerrard St E. Toronto, 416-461-3111 CUISINE: Indian DRINKS: No Booze

SERVING: Lunch & Dinner; closed Tues PRICE RANGE: $

NEIGHBORHOOD: Entertainment District

This minimal eatery offers a menu of Indian fare. Favorites include: Malai Kofta and Naan with veggie thali.


Also arriving during the summer months are large numbers of curlew, oystercatcher, redshank, ringed plover, turnstone, purple sandpipers, little terns and sandwich terns – the list just goes on and on. A great many of these birds breed on Holy Island and the general public are requested not to disturb them. Another particularly interesting group of birds to be seen on a regular basis are the birds of prey such as short-eared owls, kestrels and sparrowhawks which are often to be seen chasing the small wading birds. Hares, foxes and vast hordes of rabbits are also very common all over Holy Island. Access to Holy Island is now along a proper tarmac road built across the tidal causeway. About a quarter of a mile over the causeway from the mainland there is an emergency refuge tower on the small bridge which spans the little river, South Low. The sea acts like a river as it races in across the sand flats on the incoming flood tide and because of its speed, every year many unfortunate but careless people are trapped or drowned and their cars end up submerged by the rush of incoming water. The route of the Pilgrim’s Causeway across Holy Island Sands to Chare End on the island is the same as that used by the saints, Aidan and Cuthbert, and it remained virtually unchanged until 1860, when the authorities marked the route with a line of long posts to guide people across. Each year many hundreds of modern pilgrims still follow the traditional route used by the monks at low tide. At high tide, emergency medical aid to the island’s population has to come by helicopter because the ambulance service cannot reach them, but fires are another problem.

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