Bruges Map Tourist Attractions

Bruges Map Tourist Attractions

Hotel Cordoeanier, Cordoeanier 16-18 (34 61 11; From top of the Markt, follow Philipstockstr. and take the first left onto Cordoeanier; follow street around to the hotel. Quaint lobby, comfortable rooms with TV and telephone, and per fect location. Breakfast buffet included. Internet access. Singles ‚52; doubles ‚62; tri ples ‚72; quads ‚85; quints ‚98.

Europa International Youth Hostel (HI), Baron Ruzettelaan 143 (35 26 79; Quiet, away from the Markt and the nightlife. Breakfast and sheets included. Key deposit ‚5. Internet access ‚0.08 per min. Reception daily 7:30-10am and 1-llpm. Dorms ‚13; nonmembers add ‚2.50,

Camping: St-Michiel, Tillegemstr. 55 (38 08 19). From the station, take bus #7 to Jagerstr. Face the road, head left and then turn left on Jagerstr. Bear left at the first intersection, staying on Jagerstr. and going around the rotary to Tillegemstr. ‚2.90 per person, ‚3.40 per tent. Showers ‚2.

Inexpensive food can be hard to find in Bruges, but seafood lovers should splurge at least once on Belgium’s famous mosselen (mussels; usually ‚ 15-22) or buy fresh (raw) seafood at the Vismarkt. From the Burg, cross the river and turn left. (Open Tu-Sa 8am-lpm.) For a market with cheaper fare, head to Delhaize Proxy, Noord- zandstr. 4, near the Markt. (Open M-Sa 9am-7pm.)

Ganzespel, Ganzestr. 37. Quiet restaurant serves up generous and delicious portions of traditional Belgian fare. Menu ‚7.35. Entrees ‚5-15. Open Su and W-Sa 6-10pm.

Pasta Presto, St. Amandsstra. 17. Nicely priced Italian fare. Just off the Markt. Takeout available. Menu ‚6.75. Pasta with choice of nine sauces ‚2.50. Open M and W-Su ll:30am-9:30pm.

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