Bruges Map Tourist Attractions

Bruges Map Tourist Attractions

Hotel Cordoeanier, Cordoeanier 16-18 (34 61 11; From top of the Markt, follow Philipstockstr. and take the first left onto Cordoeanier; follow street around to the hotel. Quaint lobby, comfortable rooms with TV and telephone, and per fect location. Breakfast buffet included. Internet access. Singles €52; doubles €62; tri ples €72; quads €85; quints €98.

Europa International Youth Hostel (HI), Baron Ruzettelaan 143 (35 26 79; Quiet, away from the Markt and the nightlife. Breakfast and sheets included. Key deposit €5. Internet access €0.08 per min. Reception daily 7:30-10am and 1-llpm. Dorms €13; nonmembers add €2.50,

Camping: St-Michiel, Tillegemstr. 55 (38 08 19). From the station, take bus #7 to Jagerstr. Face the road, head left and then turn left on Jagerstr. Bear left at the first intersection, staying on Jagerstr. and going around the rotary to Tillegemstr. €2.90 per person, €3.40 per tent. Showers €2.

Inexpensive food can be hard to find in Bruges, but seafood lovers should splurge at least once on Belgium’s famous mosselen (mussels; usually € 15-22) or buy fresh (raw) seafood at the Vismarkt. From the Burg, cross the river and turn left. (Open Tu-Sa 8am-lpm.) For a market with cheaper fare, head to Delhaize Proxy, Noord- zandstr. 4, near the Markt. (Open M-Sa 9am-7pm.)

Ganzespel, Ganzestr. 37. Quiet restaurant serves up generous and delicious portions of traditional Belgian fare. Menu €7.35. Entrees €5-15. Open Su and W-Sa 6-10pm.

Pasta Presto, St. Amandsstra. 17. Nicely priced Italian fare. Just off the Markt. Takeout available. Menu €6.75. Pasta with choice of nine sauces €2.50. Open M and W-Su ll:30am-9:30pm.

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