The highest-altitude zoo,in Europe has every vertebrate species indigenous to the Alps: Bears, pine martens, golden eagles, and a bearded vulture with a 3m wingspan. (Weherfurgg. 37.-s29 23 23. A bus leaves for the zoo from in front of the Landestheater every hr. 10am-5pm in summer. Open daily Apr.-Sept. 9am-6pm; Oct.-Mar. 9am-5pm. 5.80, students and seniors 4, ages 6-15 2.90.)

Exhaustive collections of kitchen and farm tools, peasant costumes, and period rooms present local culture over the centu ries. (At the head of Rennweg. Open M-Sa 9am-5pm, Su 9am-noon. 4.35, students 2.25.)


Within 30 seconds she had disappeared and a passing coaster, the Eleanor Dawson, picked up the four men and landed them at Craster, three miles away. The wreck is orientated in a SSE to NNW direction and lies on a seabed of firm sand, stone and rock in a general depth of 36 m (LAT). In 1997, this wreck was totally intact but the elements have taken their toll in recent times. Explosives were used on the wreck in around the year 1999 and it was reported to be lying partly on its side. It is now quite badly broken up, with the stern, which stands around 4.6 m from the seabed, listing about 45° to starboard. The bridge/wheelhouse is slowly collapsing and the hull sides of the hold have fallen over. The bows, however, are still intact and upright and stand 5 m high. The hold was supposed to have contained the 238 tons of roadstone, but that area has always been largely empty, apart from some deposits of silt. It seems unlikely that such a heavy cargo should disappear unless, of course, it was not there when the vessel sank.

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