Travel Advice And Advisories For Turkey

Public Transport

Public transport includeusing commercial public scrvicc to undertake a journey. Thiincludes:

• Train

• Underground

• Bus

• Tram/Trolley

• Fern

Risk Levels

For every thousand journeymade, there are far more accidentand injuriesuffered by private motoristthan by public transport passengers. Thimeanthat in the UK, statistically, travelling by public transport ia hundred timesafer than using vour own car.

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Other than terrorist attacks, the main riskassociated with trainare accident, assault and theft, but these can be discussed in a variety of ways.

Terrorist attacks It iworth remembering that public transport systemare by far the safest way to travel, even if vou include the risk of terrorist attacks. Considering the number of rail journeytaken each day, the likelihood of anyone being involved in an incident iminute, even if you travel in a city targeted by terrorists.

However, thidoesn’t mean that there inothing you need to do to protect yourself. See the terrorism chapter for advice and discussion of terrorism countermeasures.

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