7 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland’s financial capital may lack the appeal of Paris or the swagger of Rome. But what it has is a charm that too in buckets – with a fascinating architecture, a long history (probably dating back to 2,500 years), a gorgeous river and lake, cobblestone streets, and last but certainly not least, loads of chocolate and cheese.

Zurich (also spelled Zürich) is the largest city in the country other than being the most popular one. So much to see and do lying in this Swiss city’s store that has been compelling tourists to book cheapest flight tickets to Zurich for an unforgettable city break.

7 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with Zurich, Switzerland Photo Gallery

Here are seven reasons why Zurich will make you fall in love with her at the very first sight:


    1. Amazing Outdoors
      Even though the appealing city of Zurich, Switzerland is known for its London style city centre, the size surely means that there’s plenty of stunning scenery for you to admire. The city centre is extremely shortened, which allows you to walk up and around mightily high mountains and a take a tour of its serene lakes and rivers. Even the air is incredibly fresh in the city with less pollution.


    1. The Museum of Art
      Based in Kunsthaus, the stunning Museum of Art is home to plenty of unique and mind-blowing pieces of art. There’s a modest fee which you have to pay to enter inside the museum, but it’s truly worth for the most incredible sculptures and paintings in the world.


    1. The Zoological Museum
      Are you fond of animals? Then you will definitely love this spectacular museum in the city. This wonderful building is home to thousands of diverse species, both alive and extinct. Moreover, it also has some amazingly large creatures, including a mammoth skeleton and a stuffed giraffe. This museum can truly be considered a marvelous piece of Swiss architecture.


    1. The Fine Music
      Not only renowned for its live music, this Swiss city in reality is home to some great music venues. There’s the Opera House where you can enjoy many fabulous musical and dramatic performances. But there are also small venues like pubs and bars where a lot of unknown talent can be found.Zurich’s also known for its various music festivals including Zurich Open Air Festival, where you will come across different genres of musicians presenting their pieces.


    1. Lake Zurich
      You don’t have to pay anything to admire the beauty of Lake Zurich. This lake is one of the most striking sights in the entire country. Not exactly a lake for swimming, as it’s 48 metres deep, but it’s a merely a postcard view from all angles.


    1. Bellevue Square
      Are you a passionate chess player? Then this is the place to visit, as there are chess games taking place in this area. The square is used as a semi tram station/intersection, with lots of traffic making its way. There are also many shops and stalls selling great souvenirs and delicious meals to try.


    1. The Remarkable Church Buildings
      There are many peculiar and magnificent churches in the city. Not only are they remarkable but extremely spiritual and packed with culture. Visit the Church of Our Lady, St Peter Church or Water Church in Old Town. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the breathtaking pieces within these impressive churches.


Founded in 15 BC by the Romans, Zurich is known worldwide for its money-spinning financial centres, with awfully low tax rates. And this is one of the reasons why people and businesses choose Zurich, Switzerland to relocate.

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