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However, No. 57 was clearly the wrong place – Mianyang Map Tourist Attractions it was a small concrete bungalow. The mystery was solved when a resident said that the Mianyang Map Tourist Attractions numbers had been changed. She didn’t know which house had been No. 57, but she sent for an old woman who had lived in this lane all her life. While we waited for her we puttered up and down and found the house ourselves.

Laura began telling us about the theater and some of its ghostly stories. Over the years there have been many tales from patrons, workers and volunteers.

The first encounter with the paranormal involved the theater’s marketing director. It happened one afternoon just after a group of students from the high school left the theater. The art director was on stage and glanced towards the balcony. He saw a figure go by. Thinking it was one of the students, he went up to the balcony but no one was there. This happened to him once more when he was with another person. This time they both saw the figure.

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