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For a change from the perennial shrimp (prawn) cocktail, try soft shell crabs (in spring or summer). You can eat almost every morsel of those crabs caught after they’ve cast their shells.

Scallops, lobster and Nova Scotia salmon are special treats and much cheaper than their European counterparts.

Fish is good too, usually broiled or deep-fried in batter. Some superstition prompts

Americans to chop off the head and tail!

Vegetables. Americans eat lots of salads. If green beans or peas decorate your plate, they’re likely to be frozen. In summer, corn on the cob is excellent.

Cheese. Only French restaurants offer a cheese board.

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He was a real hero, a big man with an RAF moustache, who I never got close to. He had a huge presence, was loud and confident and commanding. I always did what he said. He was of a generation that had no time for lads with long hair, women in high places, popular music, fashion, homosexuals, cowards, liars, shirkers or teetotallers. He disliked people who failed to do their duty or who were flash or crooked or unpatriotic. He loathed people who had made big and lorded it over the rest. Strangely, he wasn’t a racist. He came from Fulham, went to war when the recruiters believed he was old enough, learnt to fly, got a commission then had a good war’, bombing bits of Europe. I remember we would look at maps together and I was always impressed when he would point to some obscure part of the Balkans and say: Bombed there and there. Flew up from Alex overnight.

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