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After a quick look at the number of galleries lining the streets of the historic NoDa neighborhood, it isn’t hard to guess that you’re in the arts district. Dubbed NoDa for its location on North Davidson Street, the small but thriving arts district is home to the greatest concentration of creative businesses in all of Charlotte. It’s also the most walkable neighborhood in the city. The art galleries are located around the intersection of North Davidson Street and East 36th Avenue and range from stark spaces with small contemporary art installations to colorful shops stocked with all manner of handmade goods. Besides the art galleries there are few shops in NoDa, but there are great restaurants and a vibrant live-music scene that make NoDa worth a visit even if you’re not into art. The best time to shop for art is during Gallery Crawls, which take place on the first and third Fridays of the months when most stores are open until 9 P.M. or later.

Myers Park

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Charlotte, Myers Park is more of a residential enclave than a shopping district. While the neighborhood will always be known best for its stately homes and tree-lined boulevards, it’s also home to several independent retailers that have been serving the neighborhood for decades. The shops in Myers Park are like the homes expensive. Anything with a higherthan-average price tag can be found here, from wooden toys and luxury bedding to spa products. Since it was designed as a suburb for wealthy automobile owners, getting from one shop to another requires a bit of a drive. Start at the Park Road Shopping Center; it’s one of the oldest shopping centers in the city and still retains its 1950s design.

Since the early colonists’ weapon of choice would be one that would allow the hunter or attacker to be some distance from the target, the firearm was the obvious solution. This does not mean that firearms were the only weapons used, however; edged weapons were necessary as well. Aurora Map Once the distance from the target was removed and the struggle became hand to hand, the firearms of the day were useless, except as clubs. They took too long to recharge (load) and were excessively heavy. Since the use of the bayonet, which converts a firearm into a polearm, did not come into common usage until the Country Revolution, the explorers and colonists had to carry separate weapons to fill this need. A few groups during the earliest of years, including the Spanish lancers, some targeteers, and pikemen, did not use firearms at all. But the reliance on edged weapons gradually disappeared, as they were not practical in typical woodland combat.

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