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The history of Latino periodical publications in Pennsylvania has been thin, but significant. The publication of El Habanero in Philadelphia was a watershed moment in the history of Latino letters and politics. El Habanero was founded, edited, and published by exiled Cuban priest Felix Varela from 1824-1826. This publication, the first known Spanish-language newspaper published in the United States, focused on the Spanish-speaking Caribbean exile community. It was smuggled into Havana for clandestine distribution. Representative article titles include Religious Conditions in the Island of Cuba, Revolution Involving a Foreign Army, Secret Societies in the Island of Cuba, and Royal Order of Ferdinand VII Suppressing El Habanero.

Another important publication is the Hispanic Review, a quarterly journal devoted to research in Hispanic literary and cultural studies. Edited since 1933 by the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania, the journal features essays and book reviews on the diverse cultural manifestations of Spain and Latin America from the medieval period to the present. It shows an increasing interest in Latino literary and cultural issues. El Hispano is one of a number of more recent publications that provide information in Spanish for the local Latino communities. Founded in 1976 and published in Philadelphia, El Hispano is a weekly Spanish-language newspaper focusing on Latin America and on local issues of interest to Latinos in the region.

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