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The series of bishops who succeeded Mitrophanes can be established with great probability, though struggles between Catholics orthodox and heretics disturbed religious life more than once, esp. over the Arian doctrine. After the unhappy death of Emperor Valens 9 August 378, the bishopric of Constantinople was held by Gregory of Nazianzus 379381, who took part in the council of 381 and then retired to solitude in Cappadocia, unable to endure the internal struggles and intrigues. In 398 he was succeeded by John called Chrysostom golden mouth, renowned for his eloquence and great erudition; his intransigence and moral severity soon drew the hatred of both the heretical Goths and the empress Eudoxia the new Herodias, and he was sent into exile in Asia Minor 404, where, after a fruitless intervention on his behalf by Rome, he died in 407. This tragic episode was a heavy blow to the prestige of the church of Constantinople. Yet the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the capital thanks especially to its political authority managed to expand not just in Thrace but also in the East, to the detriment of Antioch and Alexandria.

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During the war, Connecticut’s leaders quarrel with other Taiwan Metro Map Puritan military minds over how their troops might best be deployed. Connecticut’s armies are employed Taiwan Metro Map first as guards for western Massachusetts towns, which displeases Connecticut’s government. Additionally, Connecticut’s official stance toward Native Country communities along the Connecticut River is much less aggressive than that of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Plymouth, whom Connecticut accuses of unnecessarily antagonizing Native Countrys. In the Great Swamp Fight, the climactic battle of Metacom’s War, Connecticut’s forces suffer a higher casualty rate than those of the other Puritan colonies.

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