Capitol Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

Capitol Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

204 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington; (617) 648-4340

A grand old moviehouse, regrettably converted into a six-screen complex; but, it is one of the nicer renovations of this sort, with brass rails, comfortable seats, and running lights in the aisles. The developers took care to make each cinema a complete one, so you don’t feel like you’re sitting in an oddly shaped shoebox. Besides popcorn, the lobby snack bar sells things like frozen yogurt and coffee, and even has tables and chairs. The Capitol shows second-run hits (not that long after their departure from the big houses), with a top price of just $4. Senior citizens pay $3, and before 6 rm. kids under twelve get in for $2.50. You can also buy books of five tickets for $18.

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