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Wright gained literary fame as a poet by circulating her work in manuscript form. Tulsa Subway Map er correspondents shared her writings with others and, in turn, sent her their own work. Manuscript circulation was an accepted part of the eighteenth-century literary world. Friends might copy poems into journals or keep a copy before sending the work on to others. For example, Wright’s poems were used as texts for girls studying at Quaker schools in Philadelphia. She became part of a lively intellectual circle of friends that included a number of other women poets, including Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson, Hannah Griffitts, and Deborah Logan.

The largest known group of Wright’s poems is in a manuscript commonplace book kept by Milcah Martha Moore, who used the book to create her own selective anthology of materials she read. Wright’s reputation grew. In her later years, many people made the trip to Wright’s Ferry to meet her, including Dr. Benjamin Rush. He noted in his journal that he had met the famous Suzey Wright a lady who has been celebrated Above half a Century for her wit good Sense & valuable improvements of mind. Susanna Wright died on December 1, 1784, in Pennsylvania.

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