Between Paris and Brittany stretches the Loire Valley, where renowned chateaux line the celebrated Loire river. Visit Blois, Chambord, or Chevemy (341).

RENNES. If Parisian students will travel out to Rennes for the nightlife, then you should too (337).


All the children at the village school were sent home a few hours early to allow them to see the ship’s crew leave for North Shields in a bus. The men were given 14 days leave after being shipwrecked, but sadly – and some would say disgracefully – their pay was stopped the moment the ship went down. A Board of Inquiry decided that because the ship was at cruising stations when she was attacked, they were at fault for being taken by surprise. Following that tragedy, the whole of the British Fleet was reminded and instructed to stay on the alert while off the northeast coast. Starting near the bridge and swimming over to the bow on the port side, the diver can still see the railway track-like structure, which was used to launch the Hurricane fighter plane. Halfway back from this ramp stands the large derrick that was used to lift the Hurricane onto the tracks, still standing erect and pointing towards the surface like some weird sentinel. The derrick is now festooned in masses of trawl net and is held aloft by dozens of floats. When descending down through the eerie gloom the net makes a strange but very spectacular sight. Moving back to the bridge, the main body is still recognisable, although there has been some collapse of the bridge roof, making the main bridge compartment only 1.5 m high.

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