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Hey My name is Oliver a Costa from Costa Rica and I’m one of the program directors for Grand Circle travel.

I was born in Punta Arenas on the Pacific coast he was born it was on the beach. I did my high school in the state of Oregon that helped me a lot to understand their culture, and then. I came back to Costa Rica, and took several courses about ornithology plans, and all that but.

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I’ve been always into nature. I’ve been tour guiding for years I’d love to share it because. I feel like.

I’m an ambassador of my country when I was young not too many people know where Costa Rica was not until the s that’s when Costa Rica appears on the map. Because we won the Nobel Peace Prize the landscape of Costa Rica is.

So diverse. So you go from the beach to the rainforest you travel two hours, and you can be on a volcano or you can be in a cloud forest. Because Costa Rica is.

So small when you go, and see the monkeys hanging out from the tail up, and them on the on the trees when you see the little birds or the big macaws are. So much wildlife oh the food here is wonderful the main dish in Costa Rica’s coke asado casado means merry man, and that is. Because that’s what you supposed to get when you get married on the same dish on the simpler you get the rice the beans potato salad fish a steak or chicken is delicious, it’s also very healthy for you because, it’s very well balanced it get a little bit of everything, and very tasty.

I love them to go home, and tell people about Costa Rica. How wonderful it is that is my responsibility. So for them to be going home with a big smile, and a whole bunch of pictures. I’m really looking forward to see you here in Costa Rica.

I’m on my way out of a country and So we’re together we’re gonna have a great time. So come over.

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