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It’s always fun to get away from the city life, and get immersed in nature to enjoy the beauty, and peace of being in a natural setting javi, and I planned one of our monsoon, and winter getaways at the haunted river resort located in Dandeli Karnataka in this post I will be sharing our experience at the haunted river resort, and also what to expect during monsoon, and winter seasons keep reading monsoon is one of the most beautiful season to explore the natural beauty, and wide life of Karnataka. So when it came time to plan one of our four days monsoon vacation in the month of August 2018 we headed towards the haunted river resort located in the serene lush greenery of the unexplored jungles of Dandeli in Karnataka the Hahnville river resort can be reached by train road or air if you plan to travel by road the resort can easily be located on the GPS we chose to drive our own car since it is approximately 460 kilometers from Bangalore which means seven hours drive we decided to leave early at 2 a.m. via NH fold, and reach the resort at 9 a.m. as we entered the Han River resort people welcomed by the sweet chirping of the birds, and fresh cool air the gushing waters of the mighty river collie flowing besides is one of the real beauty you will really find anywhere else it is very calm, and serene place nestled in the lap of nature the resort offers four different types of accommodation to meet your needs, and for that adventurous mood they have River facing cottages tree house rock house.

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And tenth house we checked in soon, and were escorted to one of the rock house close to the dining area it has a huge balcony that overlooks the lush greenery of the resort the interiors of the rock house were mind-blowing with stone walls on all the both side, and stone flooring it felt as a river inside a cave you the room is equipped with a comfortable bed with side lamps a dresser, and extra belt cane furniture, and an L mirror the bathroom features same interiors with stone walls on all the sides, and is clean, and has hot water supply the unpack freshened up, and then headed towards the dining area for a delicious breakfast the gazebo style dining area is spacious clean well maintained, and has wooden furniture the resort also serves food in the open for those who wish to dine under the sky as it was monsoon it was pouring almost throughout the day first glance we enjoyed the rains from a balcony that offered a beautiful view of the lush greenery all around monsoon is the best time for both adventure lovers as well as those who want to sit back, and relax to the sound of the rain every place you set your eyes on you are met by nature’s beauty with greenery the dark clouds the pouring rain, and the fragrance of wet mud will definitely lift up the mood while you enjoy a cup of warm tea sitting in the balcony of your room you can also relax on one of the benches at the banks of the Kali River.

That’s within the resort premises, and peacefully watch the water flowing by you can enjoy the thrills, and adventure of whitewater rafting in the gushing kali river flowing beside the resort monsoon is the best season to enjoy this water sport the resort organizers adventure trekking into the dense forest with expert guides where you get a chance to explore the flora, and found out Dan daily during monsoon, and unwind yourself in nature’s company evening right in a boat down the river kylie is a memorable experience altogether you can spot a couple of birds including Romani kites, and egrets during the gentle boat ride which lasts for about half an hour kayaking in the Cali river is yet another activity to be enjoyed while you stay at the hornbill river resort the rocky hills are much greener, and the banks are lined with trees it’s nice to connect with nature, and take in the beauty around you besides these activities the resort also offers natural jacuzzi Safari fishing overnight camping, and bird-reading however monsoon is not the best season for bird-reading leeches are definitely a concern during the monsoons they could be hiding underground or on the twigs or leaves they could simply be found anywhere in, and around the resort as well as in the forest. So better come prepared the best time to spend a fulfilling holiday at the Hahnville river resort in Dan Daly is during the winter time at this time of the year the weather is pleasant, and idle for sightseeing, and enjoying the various activities.

So in the month of January 2018 we plant our yet another six days getaway at the horn bill river resort this time they booked the river cottage with a huge balcony that faced the kali river, and a live spring flowing beside the cottage the resort grounds were green giving the jungle vibes with quite a variety of birds winter is the best season for bird-reading in the evening the resort staff takes you to a spot where a large number of Malabar pied hornbill gather for dust baths a very pleasant, and delightful sight I must say Honda’s can also be spotted all around on telly due to local conservation efforts the species has grown in number many or thinner largest, and bird watchers who visit this region in large numbers to observe hornbills in the morning the resort arranges a bird-reading trip to Kanishka de Forest where you can spot over 300 species of birds including kingfishers black trongo asian paradise flycatcher white rump sharma, and many more an adventurer trekking into the dense forest with expert guides in the evening leaves all the way up to the peaks of nearby hills the views from atop the hill are breathtaking with a panoramic view of backwaters of supadamn, and lush greenery spread out for miles on the end you can spend some quality time along the banks of the dam as well along with trekking, and bird-reading you can enjoy the other activities like hiking boat ride, and whitewater rafting as well if you are looking for an escape from the monotonous life of city, and want to experience wildlife, and feel closer to nature the Han River Resort is the place you definitely need to check out we have been at this resort twice, and plan a third trip on 23rd of March 2018 the resort management has kept the natural habitat undisturbed accommodation is comfortable, and merge with the environment, and nature around the staff is polite, and responsive, and the service is super quick food is hygienic, and delicious overall a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful forest all done daily with your partner or family I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and found this post useful rate this post with a thumbs up leave us a comment, and to comment the blog for more posts thanks for reading you.

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