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Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world roughly % of its people are nomadic or semi-nomadic the Mongolian yurt is designed to be easily packed up, and moved with a family, and their animals, it’s always, it’s always interesting to see. How people the Domanick people live what they do what they think what their living conditions are, and we read about it in books but, it’s really good just to actually experience it, and feel feel the the smells the feel of the area tomato the gare is now approached, and is why. How do you miss it Sigma Sigma is a flower. This is a good milk yogurt these nomadic families depend on their livestock for virtually all of their core needs shelter clothing, and food this cheese curd is cut, and then dried on top of the yurt the one of the highlights of the trip here in Mongolia is with a new medical life, and sharing their daily life, and sharing food with them and I’m milking the goats, and sheep without a job don’t just write over the domain diet, and this stuff thematic families are meat diary product, and flour, and with the flour you can make all kinds of stuff but most mostly they make fried dough’s, and also when they cook they also make up a noodles. So that’s why a noodle soup is very common out here our family’s been assumed, and also some kind of fried fried noodles too he’s gonna try to catch one of ours with a last saw stage with a population of only three million a Mongolian people managed more than million livestock nomadic tribes spend much of their lives in search of stray animals.

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Because there are almost no fences in the entire country that’s. How they catch your horse you know the kids learn to start learn to ride a horse when there are three four you know three four five. This is sort of all family yeah all family for these families you know after they get all this a new face you know watching this TVs, and different channels now this nomadic kids have a different conception you know different perspectives, and also they have a different world to compare their lives one of these kids when I stay in this life.

I mean. This is tough lifestyle you know. I mean simple but very tough you know oh wow there’s an odor of problem Barton way up there.

I found that visiting the Nomad families was really really interesting, and this family milk about hundred goats a day, and he said it takes only about an hour hi guys. So my son just gone have you ever tried this before never there’s no pretty good actually never tried it before but. I did it successfully today was pretty easy.

I wouldn’t want to do it forever though. I’ve seen it in other countries, and it’s dramatically, it’s traumatic to see the change now the kids are going to be educated, and maybe that following appearance footsteps. So what’s going to happen out here, it’s interesting of the desert is a Femmes with its dinosaur findings dinosaur fossil petrified wood, and one of the places down in the Gobi we go to is Fleming cliffs were back in s Roy Chapman Andrews erican of the Walsh’s led the big American expedition, and they found the first dinosaur next looking forward to running camels, and Gobi Desert.

We’ve seen a lot more than we expected the scenery is breathtaking, and we have really enjoyed our time here nomadic cultures untamed landscapes both await in today’s Mongolia from the bustle of Poulin Betar to the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert make yourself at home while exploring Mongolia’s diverse land, and culture yeah nice perfect yeah. I was born in eastern part of Mongolia two brothers, and two sisters, and then my parents moved to rule on bata which is the capital city of Mongolia, and ever since. I’ve been living in bolometer City Zimmy Gwen Bruin up here in the lawyer.

I have a lot of relatives who lives out in the countryside raising livestock cows horses camels goats, and sheep. So when I was a little kid during the high school summer break.

I would go, and stay with him for several weeks, and that also helps me to introduce the travelers to a nomadic lifestyle they move at least four or five times a year so. This is a where they stayed during the summer this numeric lifestyle. I’ve been, and changing nowadays into a modern society do you getting anything Denis yes come on where we go up to poopsicle lake at the lake areas beautiful scenery, and people up there is really nice and So, it’s really great for travelers to be able to enjoy themselves, and interact with the local pupil, and all the way to you know go into always room voyage.

I really love my country, and really enjoy guiding, and showing my beautiful country to foreigners. This is really what.

I do exploring this open country in the heart of Asia what can be learned about the traditional mongolian way of life, and their recent rapid waves of change here, it’s quite impressive to see hundreds of horses galloping across the grassland the steppes have been beautiful the mountains are pretty the people have been excellent. So the big city enjoyed it very much, it’s modern see a dynamic thrust in a growing economy, and have no idea what’s ahead of us.

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