Best Travel Destinations For Youth

Best Travel Destinations For Youth

I know a guy in Anguilla who boat sat a young, foreign billionaire’s US$500,000 yacht. It’s said he did so for US$5000 a month. He was free, if he cared to, to travel to ritzy St. Barths to bask on the same beach where the paparazzi are said to stalk the celebrities who go there to be pestered and photographed. He could even have sailed the boat over to Sint Maarten to take tourists to dine or to gamble in the many casinos there, none being in Anguilla; and, in either case, enjoy the free travel -and, the free money – that, thereby, availed itself.

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In addition, think of the many bluefin tunas and great swordfish he could have boated, over a period of time, with his repeat visitor friends or clients. What an experience that would be – certainly one that mainly the rich can afford.

A well known taxi driver in Anguilla – who is originally from St. Kitts – usually boasts that he is “living the dream” in his adopted homeland.

The boat sitter I just mentioned above might have said the same thing; and, so can you; for, truthfully, nothing stands in your way, other than yourself!

All it takes to travel and really live – or, to live your dream – is the desire to do so; the determination to fulfill your dreams; and, the knowledge – which is the power – to make it happen.

By the way, I have been made to believe that not only locals house sit luxury villas in Anguilla that are owned by the top music, sports and Hollywood stars and celebrities.

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