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I’m in the heart of Golden Gate Park. Over here, we have the California Academy of Sciences. We have the de Young Museum. There are flowers and gardens all over this place. Pretty excited to go check it all out. I’ve heard a lot about this Japanese Tea Garden behind me.

Google Maps Golden Gate Park San Francisco

It’s actually the oldest Japanese tea garden in all of America. This place is the definition of tranquil. You would never know that you’re in the middle of a giant city. There’s Koi fish, there’s bamboo and trees and flowers from all over the world. It’s a complete escape from the madness of San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park San Francisco Ca Map

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Hello there. I could spend all day in that Japanese Tea Garden, but you know what? Golden Gate Park is a big place and there’s a lot more to check out. So let’s keep moving. This is a true gem right here.

Map Of Golden Gate Park In San Francisco

We have the Conservatory of Flowers full of orchids and ponds. I think it’s gonna be really beautiful. Let’s go. This is one of those moments when I wish I had smellovision on this camera. The smells from all the plants in here are absolutely wonderful. It’s definitely a treat for my little nose.

Map Of San Francisco Golden Gate Park

This is the reggae dreadlock flower right here. “Ya Mon.” Check this out! Free concert at the music pavilion. Ah, I can get used to this. Live music, right there. I definitely found a winner here at Golden Gate Park. I’m having a great day. You know, I love the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, but this is where I go to escape the city.

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