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Golden Sands Latin EPSRC in Bulgarian has been the showpiece of a seaside since celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in its popularity is partly due to the airport in Varna which is close to here a. kilometer long, and meter wide passage had hotels in today there are many more increasingly modern hotels to choose from over, beds are available in hotels apartments, and villas the sloping hills covered by forests reach all the way down to the sandy beach the hills, and the surroundings besides giving a beautiful view protect the beach from the cool winds on the north side of the resort complex lies the harbour called fisherman’s village for cruise ships looking like old pirate boats why a tanker the modern metal frame is covered by wooden structures, and the decoration also gives the impression that.

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We’ve gone back in time half or full day trips are available to Baltic Alvina Betty Constantine, and Varna lunch served on deck consists mainly of grilled fish, and salad those who would like a slightly more modern way of travelling than with pirates may set sail in the Black Sea in a real old timer built on a raft there’s also an outdoor stage here which is protected by towers in the morning performances for children are held, and in the evening plays are performed information about the programs is available at the reception desk of hotels if you’re lucky you can see a real folklore performance or meet the stars of the local pop music the most sought-after specialty of the restaurant of Fisherman’s Village is pig roasted on a spit the device that rotates the skewer is driven by water power cooking on an open fire outside, and dishes made over a grill or a spit have always been a big tradition all over the Balkan area nowadays there may be no resort in the world where there are no small buses which look like small trains we can find them on golden sand to where they’re needed considering the length of the beach as traveling my car is not really an option here you should walk along the seaside until we reach the beach or restaurant or shop we’d like, and on the way back we can take one of these cheap small buses the seafront following the traditions of seaside beaches has every kind of shop restaurant, and entertainment facility some grocery stores are open even at night, and none of them closed before.

In the shops we can buy clothes shoes swimsuits San Tan Lotion souvenirs watches medicine bags stationery film batteries toys newspaper, and many other things the snack bars also offer a great variety choose from a selection of doughnuts pancakes corn fruit salad hamburgers buros pizza sandwiches hot dogs, and ice cream in the restaurants we can choose from traditional Bulgarian dishes as well as Chinese Italian Mexican Russian, and other international dishes we can have photographs taken of ourselves, and various costumes attend dance or surfing courses, and hire a vote the banks usually closed at in the afternoon but some exchange booths are open all day almost all tourists have breakfast at the hotel between, and in the morning international fast-food restaurants in the buffets of the Golden Beach are open till late evening but the restaurants usually open only for lunch at noon, and close at in the afternoon dinner time is for to in the evening in Bulgaria people have a siesta in the afternoon. Because of the hot climate in restaurants the service is mainly slow the custom is that people spend three or four hours eating, and chatting at the table at more frequented places we can find a menu in English and/or German those who work in tourism mostly speak these two languages those who’ve ever learnt Russian can use their knowledge here at least reading the text written in Cyrillic letters keep in mind that side dishes, and salads are not included in the main course in hot weather, it’s easy to get accustomed to cold soup like Toronto which is a kind of cucumber soup made with yogurt, and seasoned with garlic, and dill.

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